Where and when is the event taking place?

Mastergroom Canada will be held June 26th-28th, 2020 at the Crescent Point Field House in Okotoks, Alberta.

Is there a deadline to register for the contest and/or seminars?

The deadline for contest entries, changes or refunds is June 19, 2020 – 5pm MST . NO EXCEPTIONS.

After June 19th, seminar passes will be available at the door only (starting Friday June 26th at 8:30am MST) if the event you require passes for is not sold out.

What about accommodation?

This year we have 2 hotels providing accomodation for attendees. We have a host hotel, the Best Western in Okotoks Alberta.
There is a MGC room block until June 28th.

You can also stay at Lakeview Hotel & Resort, located in the foothills of Alberta, only a few minutes drive from the venue.

We also offer RV camping at the venue. No water/sewer hookups. Please contact us to reserve a camping spot.

Where can I prep my contest dog?

We have a wonderful host grooming salon in the town of OKOTOKS ALBERTA that is offering a prep spot for all the out of town groomers.

You can contact Brenda or Samantha Mooers at Luxuria Pet Spa:


1 (403) 995-0071 

Please reserve your spot early and respect the times and privacy of these amazing groomers that are offering this awesome help to the competitors.

Anyone violating the rules of the hotel may be asked to leave immediately.
Canadian Grooming Distributor’s booth will have a ‘fluffing station’ with dryers and tables for last minute preparation.

Can I shave my poodle’s feet prior to the contest?

Yes. Poodles entered in the Poodle Championship class and poodles in the First Timer Class can have their feet shaved prior to the contest. However, the face needs to be shaved DURING the contest.

Is there a holding room for my dogs at the venue?

Yes, we will have a DAYTIME holding room at the venue. It will not be supervised full time. If you have a dog in the holding room, it must be in a kennel with your full name and cell phone (plus your assistants) number on it. We will have a time sheet for each of the kennels that you need to fill out EVERY time the dog is exercised. Mastergroom Canada will not tolerate dogs being left in their crates for more that 2-3 hours at a time.

Please respect this rule, there will be no exceptions whatsoever. Violators will not be welcome back to Mastergroom Canada in the future.

If you have a lot of dogs entered, please bring an assistant to help with your dogs.
In June it is hot in Alberta so plan your dogs well-being accordingly. DO NOT leave dogs in your vehicles.

Do I need to bring a grooming table for the contest?

Absolutely NOT!! The amazing Joanne Parker from Canadian Grooming Distributor is supplying electric or hydraulic tables for EVERY SINGLE COMPETITOR!! Thank you Joanne and Josh!
These tables will be for sale at the show at incredible blow out prices.

Can I just come shop at the Trade show and watch the contest?

Yes, you can purchase a trade show/contest viewing pass either online or at the door. $10 per day or $25 for the three day weekend pass. Clients, friends and family are all welcome.

Can I bring my pets?

We strongly recommend leaving your pets at home. We understand that under some circumstances that is not possible.
Please be courteous, and make sure your animals are under control and leashed at all times.
There are no dogs allowed in the seminar room, or any other ‘common area’ of the building (i.e.- lobby, concession, etc.).

Is there a contestant meeting?

Yes. The contestant meeting will be held online FACEBOOK LIVE – Thurday, June 25th at 7pm, MST.


What are the trade show/building hours?

The trade show will be open fri/sat/sun from 10am to 6pm.
Some booths may be open earlier for the contestants.
The building will be open for contestants at 7:30am every morning.

Is there a social night this year?

Of course! It wouldn’t be Mastergroom without a proper party!

We are happy to announce that Groom Team Canada has taken on the party planning this year, and tickets for the party night are NOT included in your Mastergroom passes this year.

Please contact Groom Team Canada for tickets.

Will there be a concession?

Yes, there will be a concession in the lobby of the venue. It will be open all three days to purchase food.
There are no dogs allowed in the concession area.

We are all looking forward to a fun weekend full of laughs, learning and comradery. See you all there!!!