Anders Rosell


Anders is a world renown top breeder of Standard Poodles under the Avatar affix originally founded in Sweden. Since 2012 he resides in Málaga, Spain.

Anders has been involved with Poodles since the mid 70’s and finished 100 champions in over 20 countries around the world. The Avatar dogs are highly influential and to be found behind top winning Poodles all over the world.

Spanning over 35 years Anders has bred dogs which have produced the ultimate BIS winner at the prestigeous Poodle Club Of America National Show, Best in Show Puppy and Winners Dog 3 times, Best Stud Dog and Best Brood Bitch at the same show – but also America’s Top Non-Sporting dog all breeds twice as well as Top Standard Poodle Of The Year in the U.S.

He has also bred and owned 4 generations of American Top Producers which no other non-American Standard Poodle breeder has ever achieved.

Anders is also known as a world famous groomer of his Avatar Poodles as well as a lecturer and grooming judge, licensed by The European Grooming Association. He has held seminars all over the world and also judged competitions in the U.S as well as Europe. He is a much sought after educator in Poodles as well as in grooming.

Anders is however an Art Director/Graphic designer by profession.

Ann Francis


Anne Francis is a Certified Master Groomer with National Dog Groomers Association of America and has been grooming for over twenty years at the Village Groomer in Walpole, Ma. She has been an active competitor reaching her goal of becoming a GroomTeam USA member.

She has been nominated for Barkleigh Honors Awards for Up and Coming Speaker and Journalist of the Year. She has won the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Award for Journalism for her “How To” article in Grooming Business Magazine. She has received the Taxi award, which is given to the groomer who brings out the best personality in their mixed breed trim. One of her most cherished awards Anne has received is the William Stone Memorial Award given to the groomer who has the best rapport with the dogs they compete with. Now retired from the contest ring,

Anne is an Andis Global Educator, grooming contest judge and speaker having taught in England, China, Canada as well as across the USA. Anne is passionate about teaching other groomers and helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

Colin Taylor


Colin may just be the most forward thinking and dynamic force in the dog grooming world today.

He started out moving from the UK to Hong Kong as a young groomer. After honing his skills in Asia, he moved to the United States and spent the next 20 years becoming one of the most decorated grooming contestants in history.

He boasts titles such as ‘Intergrooms International Groomer of the Year’, Winner of the ‘World Cup Grooming Games’, countless Best in Show and Best All Around groomer titles at every major contest in the US, as well a multiple year member of Groom Team USA. He graced the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine five times, and was featured in many television interviews.

Since moving back to the UK, Colin has expanded his horizons once again.

He wrote the famous book ‘What would Colin do? 101 situations and solutions for the everyday dog groomer’. He founded the ‘Colin Taylor Academy’ that has helped hundreds of groomers better their skills, and find more compassion with all aspects of their career.

He established and manages the largest and most prestigious grooming events in England, Mastergroom UK.

His passion for this industry is apparent in everything he does. The excitement and progression that he has already brought forth is astounding.

He continues to travel, giving seminars and judging at large grooming conferences all over the globe. His high standards match his sense of humour, and his love for all his fellow groomers.

Isabella Jane Doblas Jones


Born and bred in England. It all started with I was 13. I began to help out at a standard poodle breeding kennel washing and drying show poodles. I could feel the passion from that early age. At the age of 16 I relocated, along with my parents to the South of Spain.

I made the decision to leave home shortly after moving to Spain, and found my first job in a vet clinic as a groomer in a little back room with an old wooden table, a broken pair of clippers and a rusty pair of kitchen scissors! I really had no idea what I was doing as I had only learned how to wash and dry. I had no experience at all with the scissors , but had been watching and observing a magnificent groomers for 3 years and I knew I could do it. It sort of came naturally!

At the age of 18 I was working for 4 different vets at the same time so I gained lots of practice and experience. I learned everything by myself and by intuition. I attended many seminars, as many as I possibly could.

I opened my first salon when I was 22 and have opened a total of 9 since then! I have been a standard poodle breeder for many years and attended dog shows where I continued learning. I began competing in 1998 where at my first grooming competition I won 2 gold medals. I am now an all rounder judge and have had the opportunity to judge in many countries.

6 years ago i closed my business and decided it was time to travel and teach. I believe there is a moment in time for everything. I have had the pleasure to teach and impart fyi knowledge at seminars all over the globe.

I was awarded International speaker of the year in 2019. It’s amazing when other recognize something you don’t recognize in yourself.

I have been a groomer for 35 years, presenting at seminars for the last 17 and I don’t ever want to stop!

Jay Scruggs

Jay Scruggs is the owner of Here Comes the Groom, a mobile grooming business that stays booked a year in advance.

Jay has won multiple BIS and BAA awards including a BIS at the World Groom Team Championships in Canada and a Gold medal at the World Championships in Barcelona.

He also helped groomteam bring home a gold and silver medal for two different groom teams. Jay is a Wahl Elite team member and also represents Groomers Choice.

Jay and Sue Zecco co own Super Styling Sessions, seminars and streaming videos series and also has his own line of shears.

Kitty Dekeersgieter


What is more important? The haircut or the client?

Have you ever said you groom dogs because you don’t enjoy working with people?

I know I have heard many tell me this word-for-word, BUT is this the way to think?

Who is paying for the haircut?

It certainly isn’t the dog. That will be a discussion where Kitty will explain, how over the years, her way of thinking and working has changed dramatically.

Melanie Newman

Creating a rewarding career from a passion is the ultimate dream and one that Melanie Newman has been able to pursue for over fifteen years. Starting out as a dog bather at a friend’s salon in the late 1990’s, Melanie relished the time she spent with the animals and decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle.

Initially self taught, Melanie ventured to the US to attend seminars and workshops hosted by the best dog groomers in the world and opened her own professional dog grooming salon, Spa Bark Dog Grooming & Spa, in Moonee Ponds Victoria in 2004. She was formally recognized as an Internationally Certified Master Groomer in 2008.

Melanie’s work has taken her to grooming competitions across Australia and New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and various parts of America, and she was crowned the Australian Royal Supreme Grooming Champion in 2013. Among her other accolades, Melanie has won best in shows with Miniature Poodles, Standard Poodles, Bichons and Welsh Terriers.

More recently, Mel has taken on the role of Victorian Assessor for Certificate 3 & 4 for International Grooming Company and is an instructor at the Victorian College of Dog Grooming. She is a member of Dogs Victoria and is often asked to be a keynote speaker at industry events.

Mel has represented Groom Team Australia at the World Grooming Championships in Barcelona, Spain 2013 , Milan, Italy 2015 and again in 2017 in Krotrjik, Belgium.

Over her 15 year career, Melanie has strived to give the animals she works with the best quality care, but always found it difficult to find products that were of a high quality, were gentle on the pets and groomers, and left the coat feeling refreshed and clean. Over a two year period, Melanie and her husband Cory created the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection, a range of premium canine grooming products that both the dog grooming industry and home pet owners can be proud to use on their animals.

Sue Zecco

Sue is a Certified Master Groomer with both National Dog Groomer’s Association and the International Professional Groomers. She is a member of Groom Team USA, and has many grooming competition wins including Intergroom’s International Groomer of the Year and Oster’s Invitational Grand Champion.

Sue is the proud recipient of many Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards, including Groomer of the Year, Judge of the Year, Speaker of the Year and the Congeniality Awards, as well as the recipient of 7 Barkleigh Honors awards for Speaker, Judge and Congeniality.

Sue and Jay Scruggs conduct one-day seminars around the world called Super Styling Sessions! They also have an instructional grooming DVD series with the same title, with over 38 DVDs in their ever-growing library. They are the very proud recipients of the Barkleigh Honors for Best DVD Series of the Year, as well as Best DVD of the Year 3 consecutive years. Sue is the coordinator of the NDGAA’s Fun in the Sun grooming competitions, as well as a certifier for NDGAA’s certification program. She is a spokesperson for Wahl Clipper Corporation.

Sue has had the honor of being a contest judge, speaker and demonstrator around the US, as well as great places like Ireland, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Taiwan, Scotland, Australia and Canada. Sue and her husband Ray breed Standard Poodles under the “Dreamcatcher”prefix. They own and operate The Pampered Pet Grooming Salon in Paxton, MA.

Umberto Lehmann


El Corte Italiano in Cartagena has been his home since 2007. Opened his grooming salon in Milano in 1980, after having been in breeding, showing and training.

In 1985 he started giving formation and specialization courses in his Grooming School getting more than 500 students.

From 1985 to 2001, he won several gold and silver medals in USA, Europe and Canada in Poodle, Stripping, Purebreds Scissoring and Spaniels. He was member of the Italian Team that got the third place in the World Team Championship in Intergroom U.S.A.1996

He was member of the European Team that got the second place in the 2001World Team Championship in Canada. From 1989 to 2018 Umberto judged in more than 300 International Grooming Competitions,
gave grooming demonstrations in more than 350 seminars in USA, all over Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan,  India, Brazil, Japan , China ,Korea,
He has received the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award in 1987 as “International Groomer of the year”.

Umberto has been judging in the World Team Grooming Championship in England in 1999 as well as in Spain in 2003 as well in Belgium 2011.
In France 2005 in Germany 2009 in Spain 2013, in Italy 2015, 2107 he has been President of the Jury.

He’s Oster Ambassador for Europe.
President of the European Grooming Association (E.G.A.),
President of the Italian Grooming Association (A.T.I.),
and Organizer of “MilanGroom”. Grooming Competition.
 and Organizer of The Oster European Tournament
 of Champion from the 2004
 European Grooming Association: Judge  All round
 Showmanagers Alliance: Judge – All round

Victor Rosado


About 29 years of experience in professional grooming with extensive experience in grooming and conformation, Victor Rosado is a National and International Certified Master Groomer, a grooming contest judge
for all breeds and all-round conformation Judge for FCPR/FCI with experience in judging at major shows in America and Europe.

As a competitive groomer Victor Rosado is a multiple Best All Around and Best In Show winner and is a Groom Team USA member listed currently as one of the top 3 groomers in United States of America.

Breeder exhibitor and specialist of American Cocker Spaniels for 20 years under the registered Showstar prefix with multiple Best In Show and Best In Specialty Shows with countless victories and multiple championship titles and number one rankings in many countries for both FCI and AKC.