As most of you know, I have been involved in competitive grooming and advanced education for a long time.

I have reached many goals including the titles of ‘International Groomer of the Year’ multiple times, Captain of Groom Team Canada for ten years, and recently received the prestigious title Barkleigh Honours ‘Judge of the Year 2015’.

I have been extremely blessed to be a part of an incredible industry that has been so good to me, and I believe its my turn to give back, or as they say ‘pay it forward’.

What Canadian groomers need is further education, and a professional platform to showcase their skills and creativity. I am producing the most prestigious grooming event Canada has ever had..


MASTERGROOM CANADA. This will be the equivalent of the Canadian National Championships in dog grooming.

I have attended countless shows in the last twenty years, and I know that each time, my knowledge, compassion for animals, and confidence in my skills have grown with every one. I want Canadian groomers to have the same opportunities without having to travel out of the country as I have had to.

Our Canadian clients, two legged and four legged alike will benefit greatly from this. The thought of generating more professionalism and compassion to this industry is so very important to me. I am bringing in the best possible educators and judges to attract groomers and competitors from all over, and create enthusiasm and excitement around this event.

This is the fifth annual Mastergroom Canada, and will be the best one yet!

~ Barbara Prueckel

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